Moving out Rent

Hi all,

From what I understand, when terminating residency following three-month notice, the tenant needs to empty the apartment and return the keys two weeks before the final moving out date for the required inspection.

How does it work with the pre-paid rent and the three months deposit I paid when moving in? Can a tenant be able to stay in the apartment for those two weeks until the final date? OR would part of the two weeks' rent be refunded?

Please correct me if I'm missing, if you could clarify this for me that would be great. Thanks!


  • Hi Louise,

    When you terminate your lease, you have 3 months notice.  You have to pay rent for all three months. Prepayed rent can be used the last month.  We need 10 working days to refurbish the apartment, therefore your moveout inspection will take place approximately 2 weeks before the contract ends.
    Majbritt Kundeservicekonsulent

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